Richard Hamilton Exhibition – The Tate

The Tate Modern in London has brought together an exciting collection of Richard Hamilton’s finest work for their retrospective exhibition.  Mark Godfrey (the curator) and his team have gathered an impressive selection of Richard Hamilton’s work to clearly show the evolution of the artist and his work over the 60 years of his career.

Richard Hamilton (1922-2011) was a British artist who is often referred to as the father of British pop art.  Born in 1922 Hamilton lived during a period of incredible change in terms of society, technology, communications and politics.  His interest in the changes that took place both locally and globally are a constant source of inspiration for his work and throughout the course of his career.  He was fascinated with media and its effects and often sought to break down the barriers between art, technology, design and architecture in his work.  As one moves through the exhibition we see his style and focus changes, reflecting the world around him at that time and rather than evolving a single style to express his personality he seems to tackle each piece as intellectual problems.  If there is any single thread passing through his work it is his interest in Marcel Duchamp.

This is an impressive exhibition that fills 18 rooms at the Tate and showcases the full scope of his work from his first exhibitions of the 1950s through to his final paintings of 2011.  It is a must for Hamilton fans and anyone with an interest in modern art.

The exhibition runs until 26th May.  For more details see:

Image credits:  Provided by the Tate’s website.