A Taste Of Brazil


I had the privileged of living in Brazil for many years and travelled extensively throughout the country.  Here are a few of my favourite places:  from the iconic cityscapes of Rio de Janeiro to the fantastic beaches of Rio Grande do Norte and Alagoas and the beautiful Sitio de Burle Marx hidden away in the countryside outside Rio de Janeiro.  Click here to read about my favourite mountain hide-away Ronco do Bugio and here for secret places in Alagoas.

Roberto Burle Marx was an internationally acclaimed architect and designer who created the famous mosaic pavement along Rio’s beach front .  His house and gardens are inspirational.

More information about these fabulous destinations can be found at:

Brazil:  http://www.visitbrasil.com/

Rio de Janeiro:   http://www.rioguiaoficial.com.br/

Sitio Burle Marx:  http://sitioburlemarx.blogspot.com.br/

Praia de Pipa:  http://www.pipaonline.com.br/index.php

Alagoas:  http://www.turismo.al.gov.br/