Positano Italy

Positano – the Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast stretches from Positano to Vietri sul mare on the southern coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula in the Province of Salerno in Southern Italy. It is a breathtakingly beautiful part of the world that has been has designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its natural landscape and cultural value. There are 13 fascinating villages along this part of the Sorrentine coast and each one has its own unique character and charm; all are worth visiting and exploring. If you like the crowds, the hustle and bustle of busy streets and the glamour of Michelin Starred restaurants and designer boutiques then you will love Positano.

Positano is probably the best known town on the Amalfi Coast, after Amalfi itself. It became the playground of the rich and famous in the 1950s after John Steinbeck published his beautiful essay about this relatively poor fishing village in Harper’s Bazaar (May 1953). Positano is famous for its labyrinth of stairways and picturesque alleyways and it is fun to wander the narrow streets and discover its various bars, terraces and restaurants, many with panoramic views across the town. However the true charm of Positano is best appreciated from above or from the sea, only then can one really see its overall beauty. Its pastel coloured houses follow the natural course of the mountain down to the sea, finally clustering around the main beach. The beautiful Church of Saint Maria Assunta, with its majolica tiled dome, dominates the town. It rises magnificently above the beach and surrounding hotels and is visible from every corner of the town.

If you want to break away from the crowds of the coast then simply head upwards. The most awe-inspiring views of the area are from the mountains above and the Path of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei) is an unmissable experience (click here for information about this walk). The walk goes from Nocello to Bomerano and can also be accessed from Positano and Praiano. A visit to Nocello or Montepertuso is well-worth the effort even if you are not walking the Path of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei). They are both very pretty little mountain villages where time seems to have stood still and traditional ways of life continue unhindered by the modern world. Both can be accessed by bus or via the steep staircases that wind their way up from sea level. Both have a good selection of cafes and restaurants, many with stunning views over Positano and the coast. In Montepertuso you can climb up to Mount Gambera, the mountain with its famous gaping hole that can be seen towering above the coastal road and Positano. Don’t forget to ask about the different legends and myths associated with the area, it is called the Divine Coast for many reasons, not just its staggering beauty.

Below are a couple of little gems we enjoyed in Positano. If you found some special places here tell us all about them in the comments sections below.

Next2 is our favourite place to eat. Set in a pretty old courtyard the restaurant has a stylishly contemporary feel to it. The food is outstanding and the wine list memorable (and extensive). They are always busy yet the service still friendly and there is always a super cool soundtrack playing in the background.

Beach bars: Take a water taxi to one of the bars along the coast; many are only accessible by boat.

Day trips:
Definitely get out on the water. If you can, hire a private boat with a skipper and soak up the sun and the views of the coast from the water.

Walk the Path of the Gods – This walk offers some of the most spectacular views of the area. Click here for more information.