Gastrologik Stockholm Sweden

Gastrologik – Stockholm

Gastrologik is the vision of chefs Anton Bjuhr and Jacob Homström and was born out of their passion for good quality food and produce. Since opening its doors in 2011 Gastrologik has received much praise and many awards, including a place on the Swedish White List and an internationally recognised Michelin Star.

Sitting on a quiet unassuming little street in the Östermalm district of Stockholm Gastrologik offers innovative Scandinavian cuisine in a minimalistic environment. Gastrologik takes a slightly different approach to dining that is rooted in its philosophy of putting the ingredients first. When you dine here you leave the decisions to Mother Nature and the refinement to Anton and Jacob, for Gastrologik has no set menu and the dishes are determined by the seasonality and availability of the produces on the day. They call it the “Let Today’s Produce Decide” menu (a title which sounds a little more poetic in Swedish) and so the dishes can look very different week by week, day by day and even table by table. The philosophy behind Gastrologik is to focus on the ingredients and the availability of the produce. Their hand-picked suppliers are focussed on seasonality and where possible everything is local. According to Anton and Jacob “we aim to surprise our guests and put as much effort into finding the best ingredients as in refining them”.

The restaurant is small and intimate, seating only around 30 people. Jonas Lindvall is the architect and designer behind the creation of the Gastrologik interior. The colours, materials and design are Nordic, just like the food. Its minimalist aesthetics and functional designs make it a warm and comfortable place to dine and this warmth, humanity and honesty is like an invisible thread that runs through everything, including the waiting staff and their delightful service. The end result is magnificent. The restaurant is beautiful, simple and stylish; the service second to none and the attention to detail applaudable. Your dedicated attendant explains each dish with such loving detail, pride and exactness that the description begins to act as a verbal appetizer to each course. The food is extraordinarily good and the wine list outstanding (and deliciously quirky). Whether Gastrologik heralds the start of a new global trend is hard to say, as many diners may shrink away in fear at the idea of not being able to exact their own will and choice over their meal, but for many it is an exciting concept where one gives one’s self up to the true professionals safe in the knowledge that it will be a truly outstanding experience.

Gastrologik, Artillerigata 14, 11451 Stockholm.