10 Greek St Soho London

10 Greek Street Restaurant London

10 Greek Street is the brainchild of Chef Cameron Emirali and Luke Wilson and it is one of the new generation of restaurants that is putting Soho back on the dining map. Their aim is to create an affordable neighbourhood restaurant in Soho and so they have. The food is exceptionally good, it is keenly priced and there is a wonderfully friendly laid-back feel to the restaurant, which only sits 28 plus 9 around the open kitchen at the end of the room. The décor is monochromatic and follows the current Soho trend of white tiles and exposed kitchen fixtures. The day’s menu is displayed on blackboards hung on the walls around the restaurant. There are ingenious black dining tables with holes in the middle that hold the cutlery, condiments and the wine list thus creating more surface space for the dishes when they arrive. It is clear that the focus is the food; everything else is there to support the main event, the arrival and enjoyment of the dishes.

The food is loosely modern European in style. The menu is short and changes every 7-10 days, as it depends on the availability of the freshest ingredients from their suppliers. The importance of good ingredients shines through in every dish and everything is beautifully presented and deliciously fresh. The wine list is brilliant with an equal offering of interesting wines from the old and new world, all of which seemed very keenly priced. The staff are both knowledgeable and willing to express their opinions and provide useful descriptions about both the food and wine, thus guiding one to the perfect dish and accompanying beverage.

As well as causing a ripple through London’s highly demanding gastronomic scene with their food and wine offerings, Emirali and Wilson have inadvertently caused quite a stir with of their no-bookings policy. If you wish to dine at 10 Greek St you must turn up in person, with your full party of diners in tow and see if there is a table free. If nothing is available when you first arrive they will take a mobile number and give you a call once a table is free. It really is worth the wait, the food is simply too good to miss, and passing time in Soho isn’t really a big deal. Soho offers a plethora of brilliant bars and cafes in which you can pleasantly pass the time whilst you wait for your table. If you are stuck for ideas then The Pillar of Hercules is a couple of doors up, alternatively The Carlisle Arms is pretty much diagonally opposite on Bateman Street, this is a great little boozer and if the weather is dry it’s a fun place to stand outside and people watch.

10 Greek St Soho, London W1D 4DL. www.10greekstreet.com

Footnotes and credits: This is an independent review. The writer has always dined as a regular guest and paid for their meal. Photography has been sourced from the web site via Google images.