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Hidden beaches with amazing hotels on the North East Coast of Brazil

Brazil is one of those countries that instantly conjures up vibrant images of samba, carnival and beaches.  And there are a lot of beaches, 17 out of the 26 states have coast and each state has its own beach life and style.  The Brazilians love the beach and they have a lot of choice, so when a Brazilian say’s somewhere has the best beaches – sit up and take note – it’s going to be something special.  Alagoas is one such destination.  The state is hardly known outside of Brazil, yet it has some of the hippest and most sought-after beach destinations in the country.

One of Brazil’s most beautiful beaches is on Alagoas Costa do Corais (Coral Coast) near the village of São Miguel dos Milagres.  This particular stretch of sand regularly features in the press as one of the best beach destinations in the country.  However since the main highway is inland only those in the know turn off to the sleepy beach side villages that make up the Costa do Corais (Coral Coast).  There is not a single branded hotel or high-rise resort in sight, just miles and miles of pristine sandy beaches lined by coconut palms. And thanks to the fact that public transport is practically non-existent and the nearest airports are miles away in Recife and Maceió these villages are quiet places, retaining their traditional ways and rural charm.

São Miguel dos Milagres lies on the stretch of coast that runs from Maragogi in the North to Barro do Camaragibe in the South. One of the best things about this particular part of the Brazilian coast is the pousadas (small hotels).  The area is famous for its luxury style pousadas that excel in gourmet food, fine wine, excellent service and sit right on the beach.  Nothing beats this, being directly on the beach is a real treat and nothing comes close to walking out of your room and straight onto the sand.  Although if you do tire of the beach there is plenty of exploring to do; take one of the local Jangadeiro’s (a small traditional fishing boat) out to the tidal pools, go snorkelling on the coral reefs or visit the eco-reserve and see the Manatees that live in the protected marine reserve.

We stayed at Pousada do Toque, which was one of the first pousadas to arrive in the area and has lead the way in defining the luxury style of relaxed accommodation that has made the area so in-demand.  Pousada do Toque still remains one of the most sought-after places along the coast but competition is stiff and we have heard excellent reports about Vila do Patacho, Pousada Riacho dos Milagres and Pousada Amendoeira.

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Transport:  Nearest airports are in Recife and Maceió.  All the pousadas offer a transfer service and can arrange transport if you want to explore the region.

Beach Praia do Toque
Beach Praia do Toque