Summer in Sweden brings 19 hours of daylight to enjoy each day

There is lots to do in Sweden and the summer is a perfect time to explore its cities, enjoy the countryside and find out more about the culture.  To give you some ideas of things to do  we have put together a small selection of off-the-beaten-track places to visit.   See Sweden in the travel destinations at the top of the page or click the links below to access information on:

Gastrologik – one of Stockholm’s best restaurants
Off the beaten track in Stockholm
Things to do in the northern town of Umeå
Exploring the Tavelsjöleden trail near Umeå
The Decorated Farmhouses of Hälsingland
Erik-Anders Hälsingegårdar (decorated farmhouse) – A UNESCO Heritage Site
Jon-Lars Hälsingegårdar is  a magnificent decorated farmhouse in Långhed near Alfta in Hälsingland
Hamra National Park and Bortom Åa – A UNESCO Heritage Site
Things to do in Hälsingland
Things to do  in Stockholm

and a little taste of Sweden in London The Bageriet – A fantastic Swedish bakery and cafe near Covent Garden in London